Our Technology

  • PVD by electron beam deposition or thermal evaporation
  • Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD)
  • Plasma-Ion Assisted Deposition (PIAD)

Opto Precision utilizes the latest technology in ion-assisted physical vapor deposition. During the coating process, the coating materials are evaporated by electron beam guns. The vapour travels in a vacuum chamber towards optical substrates and deposits on the substrates to grow into a solid form thin film layer.

With ion-assisted deposition (IAD) technology, the vaporized molecules of coating materials are bombarded by an energetic ion beam. Due to the momentum being transferred from the energetic ions to the condensing particles, the mobility of the particles is increased thus resulting in a uniform layer with high packing density. The technology eliminates columnar structure present in conventional PVD coating, and thus improved optical and mechanical properties of the deposited thin film layers.